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Home Funerals

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Photo by Laura Butler Dennman

Beyond keeping the body at home, a home funeral can be whatever is comfortable for you and your family - this could be keeping your loved one at home for several hours in order to sit with their body- it could be elaborate or intimate- it could last up to three days.

Don't feel pressure to conform to any idea of a home funeral that isn't exactly what brings you comfort and feels safe. What you want for yourself or your loved one.

Grand Finale: Death Doula Services can assist in many aspects of your vision.


This can also include designing your own funeral shroud. No artistic background required, just ask about options and what this looks like. 

What are the legal requirements for a home funeral? Each state has different laws that may require you to hire a funeral director to file a death certificate or transport a body. This won't affect the keeping the body at home for your home funeral. 

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Ready to see the breakdown? Grand Finale : Death Doula Services offers several different types of options for your home funeral services. 

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