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Curandera Services

A curandera uses herbs and teas, as well as prayer, rituals, and cleansing to heal the afflicted. 

In curanderismo traditions, it is largely believed that the physiological, mental, and emotional affects plants have on us, parallel the spiritual-energetic. I use the knowledge from my grandmothers to cultivate herbal remedies for a variety of ailments for my family. The plants I chose for these limpias  are some of my favorites to support mental health and stress. 

Water Limpias

These two water limpia—bath and shower—rites are extraordinary in helping us to feel or begin to feel purified and rejuvenated. When we need a little extra TLC,  especially after a death, I recommend a bath limpia once a week for four weeks or a shower limpia rite for seven days straight.

(instructions to be given with materials)

White Fire Limpia

Personal white fire limpias can be incredibly cathartic, especially when we release into the fire whatever may be weighing heavy in our minds and hearts.

Of course, if the heaviness is deep and you feel you could benefit from both a personal white fire limpia and a water limpia you are welcome to order both - even multiple times - perhaps you feel the need for the catharsis once a month for the first quarter, half or year after your loved ones' death. 

Grand Finale : Death Doula Services offers several different types of options for curandera services. 

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